Etiquette / FAQ

Here I address common questions. If you should have a question that is not already answered, please feel free to email me at DoveAmherst@gmail.com!

How to set up a date:

Please read the instructions and contact me via the methods below

Email me:

Text me:

Follow me on Twitter:

Date preparation:

I spend a lot of time and effort preparing for our time together; please return the favor and be a clean and well-groomed client. I understand sometimes it's not possible for everyone to have showered immediately prior to arriving so I always keep my facilities stocked with fresh towels and men's products. During outcalls I would expect you to have taken care of your grooming prior to my arrival. You will be asked to do some extra cleaning before our session.


I understand it can be nerve-racking, but you have my promise that I will honor your privacy and your personal information will be handled with the utmost care and discretion. I only ask for the bare minimum amount of information needed to safely and comfortably spend time with a new friend.

Are you open to longer term or exclusive arrangements?

Absolutely! For more information, send me an e-mail at DoveAmherst@gmail.com or text at 412-628-5984.

Is it possible to extend our date during the date?

If my schedule allows, I am absolutely thrilled to spend more time with you! Please check the rendezvous page to see the donation for extended time.

Why do you not show your face?

It is important for me to maintain privacy and discretion due to my interests outside of modeling and future career prospects. Of course, this benefits you as well, because it prevents others from figuring it out if they recognize me when we are on a date together.

I understand your desire to view me before you decide if there's an attraction, so feel free to set up a video consultation with me! 

What services do you provide? 

I am a freelance model and companion. Please refrain from discussing sexual acts via e-mail, phone, or contact that isn’t face-to-face. Under pretense of the law, I cannot discuss any suggestion of solicitation. No sort of donation or charge will be discussed in exchange for sexual acts. I am only to be compensated for my time as a model. Any discussion of illegal services will result in a canceled booking or discontinuation of contact.

Do you do ___ or ____? 

I am someone who strives to maintain safety when we are together. What occurs during our time together is based on many factors, such as chemistry, comfort level, and of course, your hygiene.

I would consider myself to be very fun and open-minded, but only with a certain Gentleman with excellent rapport and respect. Please  be considerate of your wording when we are contacting each other. Any suggestions of illicit behavior will not be humored in the least.

What do you typically wear? 

It depends! I would love at least a little heads up on your plans, so that I may dress for the occasion. If you see something you like or have something specific you'd like me to wear, please let me know and I will gladly do so. If you feel I would look good in something else, feel free to bring it along with you.

May I record videos or take photos when we meet?

Under no circumstances will videos, photos, or any other form of documentation be permitted when we are together in order to maintain discretion and privacy.

If I see you in public,
can I say hi?

Due to privacy and discretion, I would have to ask that you do not approach me if you happen to see me out. Even if I appear to be alone, that may not be the case, and it could result in an uncomfortable situation. Of course, this means I will do the same if I were to find you out and about.

Can I call to make a date?

Due to convenience, it's best that you e-mail or text me unless absolutely impossible. E-mail or text is more comfortable for me, and it allows for more efficient communication. I will not answer calls from new clients.
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